How To: Change the nylon strings on a classical guitar

Change the nylon strings on a classical guitar

In this Music & Instruments video tutorial you will learn how to change the nylon strings on a classical guitar. Take the peg winder and unwind all the old strings. Then unravel all the strings from the bridge. Make sure the bridge doesn’t fall off. Take a new string and insert the finished end in to the sixth hole passing it from the hole of the guitar towards the end of the body. Then tie a knot and pull the string tight over the bridge as shown in the video. Now pass the unfinished end of the string through the hole in the peg and wind it with the peg winder. Keep tension on the string while winding it so that it keeps a very tight spool around the peg. This will help it keep in tune. Finally put the nut back in place and tighten the string with hand. Like this do for the other strings also.

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