How To: Hold an acoustic guitar correctly

Hold an acoustic guitar correctly

True Fire TV and Guitar Lessons for Beginners demonstrate how to correctly hold an electric guitar. Good posture and hand positions will affect the sounds that you are making. Cross your legs to prop up your guitar which gives you more flexibility and freedom. Prop out the neck for better hand and finger positions. Don't look over the guitar. Remain loose, comfortable and relaxed. The left hand fingers should be close to the end of the fret. Press the strings only as hard as you need to using your fingertips. Place your fingers in the second half of the fret otherwise you'll get a buzz. Keep your thumb vertical on the back of the neck. Keep your right arm parallel with the strings. Strum with your wrists, not your elbow. Curl your fingers into a loose fist and balance the pick in your fingers. Remember to stay loose. Don't twist your wrist when strumming. Always make sure the guitar neck is slightly elevated from the floor to avoid strain.

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