How To: Improvise on a guitar

Improvise on a guitar

Learning a scale is a lot like learning an alphabet. So like an alphabet, once you've learned a scale, it's important to start learning how to improvise on that scale in your guitar playing. This step is like learning letter combinations (th for example) and is an important step before learning licks(the equivalent of words).

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Hi each fret on the Acoustic guitar repersentsa note Yes? Can someone tell me what each fret is from the top 1st fret to the last thank you. I get lost on tryung to remeber this . I know A,B,C,D,E,F, can;t bar this chrid, G is easy. I know these chords to play as mentioned can;t fret the F chord and get clear stum anyone know another way to play F chord .. and If you can lay out the top 1st fret and name each one on down fret note and what is a half note fret. etc. Thanks I am working on learing to play Acoustic Guitar.

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