How To: Play C major scale in 1st position

Play C major scale in 1st position

Getting to know your scales are important to understanding music theory, learning your fretboard, improving your technique and training your ear. Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video that shows how to play C major scale in first position. Playing a scale on one string is a great way to learn the fretboard but not the most efficient way to play a scale. Try a 1st position C major scale. Start by putting your 3rd finger on low C (3rd fret of your A string). Proceed to follow the alphabet from low to high using the proper 1st position fingers as explained below.
* Index finger looks after notes on the first fret
* Middle finger looks after the second
* Ring looks after the third
* Little finger on the fourth

Concentrate on using the correct fingers and saying the note names as you play. Improve your guitar playing skills by watching this short tutorial video to learn to play C major scale in first position on acoustic guitar.

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