How To: Play a gavotte melody on guitar

Play a gavotte melody on guitar

Although mainly demonstrational, this video shows you how to play a gavotte (also gavot or gavote) on guitar. This video is intended for advanced players who learn easily by watching or listening. Read the useful tips posted below to aid your guitar learning:

This is neither a classical guitar nor a classical technique, so it is performed with a little jazzy improvisation around this melody - which is the first theme from the Gavotte in J.S. Bach's 3rd lute suite. Even in this slim fragment, you can see why J.S. Bach is The Man: cool melody, good bass line and simple but neat chord substitution (G for Em, G7 for Dm, C for Am) in the 2nd half of the theme.

You can get the tab for the original version of this theme from the instructor's website, under the "tabs" link.

These are the main chords:
Am / Dm / Am / / / E / Am / E / / /
C / G7 / Am / G / Am / E / Am / / /

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