How To: Play "Goodbye" by Miley Cyrus on guitar

Play "Goodbye" by Miley Cyrus on guitar

Learn how to play "Goodbye" by Miley Cyrus, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here:

Standard Tuning:

E - 079900
Eb/E - 069900
C#m - 046600
A - 002200
B - 024400
Cm - 035500
D - 057700
A5 - 577000

Intro - E Eb/E A B

Verse One;
E Eb/E A
I Can Honestly Say You've Been On My Mind
Since I Woke Up Today, Up Today
E Eb/E A
I Look At Your Photograph All The Time
B C#m B
These Memories Come Back To Life & I Don't Mind

E Eb/E G#m A
I Remember When We Kissed, I Still Feel It On My Lips
E Eb/E G#m A
The Time That You Danced With Me, With No Music Playing
E Eb/E G#m A
I Remember Those Simple Things, I Remember Til I Cry
But The One Thing I Wish I'd Forget, The Memory I Wanna Forget
E Eb/E A B
Is Goodbye

Verse Two;
Woke Up This Morning & Played Our Song
& Through My Tears I Sang Along
Picked Up The Phone & Then Put It Down
Cause I Know I'm Wasting My Time & I Don't Mind


E Eb/E G#m-A-B-C#m-D-E-F

Verse Three/Bridge;
E Eb/E G#m A
Suddenly My Cell Phone's Blowing Up With Your Ring Tone
A B G#m C#m
I Hesitate But Answer It Anyways, You Sound So Alone
& I'm Surprised To Hear You Say


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