How To: Play "Let it Be" by The Beatles on guitar (beginners)

Play "Let it Be" by The Beatles on guitar (beginners)

This video will teach you how to play one of the Beatles absolute classics "Let it Be" on the guitar. Did you know that you only need to have four chords to play this song? That is one of the first secrets Marty Schwartz shares in this video. This breaks it down into very easy pieces even for absolute beginners. Marty begins to play "Let it Be" and goes through the song chord by chord, part by part. He uses repetition to help everyone learn even those just starting out who might be unfamiliar with guitar. Even better, as he teaches the song, he will share options with you for those who are not quite ready or able to do the movements in the song by giving alternative, easier ways to go about certain parts if you need to. This makes the task of the song even more approachable! Since the tutorial also breaks the song into manageable parts, it is easy to learn one part of the song, pause the video to practice, and then come back to the video when you are ready to go on to the next section. By the end of the video, Marty plays out a version of "Let it Be." You will be ready to rock on and strum right along with your guitar by then!

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