How To: Play "Lonesome Atlanta Blues" on slide guitar

Play "Lonesome Atlanta Blues" on slide guitar

Bottleneck slide guitar is based on an early one string folk instrument called the Diddley-Bow, and the traditional playing style of Hawaiian Guitar. The early Blues Masters of the 1920s and 30s, would place a bottleneck from a wine bottle, or a short piece of metal pipe on their finger. Using this as a slide, they could move up and down along the strings of a guitar imitating singing or the cries and moans of the human voice. This style uses an early method of tuning the guitar called open tuning, that is also used to play banjo. The guitar is tuned to a D or E chord, that actually makes it easier to learn music theory. The course starts with learning to play single note melody lines on one string. Next, by adding a second note harmony is created. Then a third note creates chords. The final song is embellished by adding strumming techniques and bottleneck slide. This slide guitar tutorial teaches you how to tune your guitar to open D tuning and play "Lonesome Atlanta Blues" by Bobby Grant.

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