How To: Play "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed on acoustic guitar

Play "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed on acoustic guitar

If you want to play 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed on acoustic guitar you first need to play an E chord, then go to Am, and repeat this. Now move to a D and crawl up to a G, then play a C and go to F. Move to Dm and play E. When you play the E chord you should play it with your pinkie. After playing the E, you play the last two strings in order and then continue on with the chord progression. If you continue on with this chord progression you will play the song. Listen to the song to get the strumming pattern down right. Now after playing these chords in the middle of the song play a C sharp minor, a B minor and then go to a D and then a barre A. At the next part you should play F sharp, an then an E, then a D. Repeat these three chords. Now, you have learned how to play 'Perfect Day'!

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