How To: Play Radiohead "Creep" on acoustic guitar

Play Radiohead "Creep" on acoustic guitar

This video shows us how to play "Creep" from Radiohead on an acoustic guitar with beginner alternative chords. The usual way to play this is by using the chords G, B, C and C minor but here it is taught in a rather simple way for making it easier for the beginners. For the beginners the easier way to play is to put the cap on the string where you will hold for the chords, for holding it a bit firmly. Firstly you need to hold is the chord C, following that will be E, then F97 and lastly it is F minor and in the meanwhile pluck the strings in a rhythmic manner to go according to the tune. The strings are made to pluck in the rhythm with a unique pattern moving upwards and downwards. Just play the first one from the chords and the intro part. With this you will get to learn how to play Radiohead "Creep" on an acoustic guitar.

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