How To: Play "Saving Grace" by Pete Murray on acoustic guitar

Play "Saving Grace" by Pete Murray on acoustic guitar

James from Handsome Alvin, the Australian, acoustic duo band who perform in pubs and clubs around Brisbane, wants to teach you an acoustic guitar lesson.

This beginner guitar lesson is for how Handsome Alvin plays "Saving Grace" by Pete Murray. If you want to learn how to play "Saving Grace" by Pete Murray on acoustic guitar, this is the video tutorial for you.

Standard Tuning (Album version tune down 1/2 step)

Intro/Verse/Harp Solo Chord Progression:

G; Bm; Am; D (2 or 4 times)



Chorus Chord Progression:

C; D; G Dsus4/F#; Em7; (3)

C; D; G; G

Chorus Strumming:

D D UDU (as before) and D DU D DU (for the G Dsus4/F#)

Bridge Chord Progression:

F; F; G; G; (2)

C; C; D*; D*


D D UDU (as before) and D D UDU; D* UDUDU (* indicates hammer on third finger)

PLEASE NOTE: This acoustic guitar lesson is for Handsome Alvin's interpretation of the song. It could be very close to the original song, or it could be very different. Their covers are designed to be played by an acoustic duo in live performances, therefore they cannot play the songs as a full band can. Please appreciate the songs for their arrangements and enjoy.

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