How To: Restring guitars with a stop-bar tailpiece

Restring guitars with a stop-bar tailpiece

In this Music & Instruments video tutorial you will learn how to restring guitars with a stop-bar tailpiece. The video shows how to do this on a solid body electric guitar. First, with the Planet Waves pro winder rotate the tuning key button clockwise to release the tension on the string, then pull the string put. Now slide the new string through the back of the tail piece, place the tail piece back in to position, pass it through the tuning key post and pull it tight. Wrap it around behind the tuning key post, under itself and over the top as shown in the video and lock it. Then with the pro winder, wind the string counter-clockwise until it is tight. Push the string down over itself and cut it off slose to the post with the pro winder.

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