How To: Tune an acoustic guitar accurately

Tune an acoustic guitar accurately

Learn how to tune your guitar using a Korg tuning box. To accurately tune your guitar, you will first need to locate a correctly tuned instrument to provide a reference note. A piano or electric keyboard will work if one is available. (You have to know the names of the keys to use this method.) Otherwise, you can use the fret board below to get your reference note. We'll use the "Low E" for your reference note.

Learning how to tune a guitar can be fairly tricky for novice guitar players. Because of this, it's strongly recommended that you purchase an electronic guitar tuner to use while you're still learning how to tune your guitar by ear. You should also use an electronic guitar tuner on stage if you perform publicly. It's extremely unprofessional to tune your guitar out loud in front of a live audience. With an electronic guitar tuner like the one below, you can discreetly tune your guitar onstage without anyone in the audience being aware of it.

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