How To: Fingerpick the acoustic guitar for folk songs

Fingerpick the acoustic guitar for folk songs

If you told people you played folks songs even a decade or so ago, you could be sure that they would think you sat around outside a trailer park, a piece of hay stuck between your teeth and your fingers picking a banjo.

But times have drastically changed since then. In fact, due to the popularity of indie music (including folk songs), indie flicks, and indie clothing (God bless you, Urban Outfitters), folk is more in than ever and is actually, well, cool.

So if you're into the bittersweet pangs of folk songs, pick up the guitar and learn how to play a few of them! Watch this video to learn how to fingerpick folk songs on the acoustic guitar.

If you're playing folk music on your guitar, you'll probably want to put down the pick and use a fingerpicking style. This video gives you ideas and instruction on playing folk guitar with just your fingers.

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