How To: Hold your guitar pick in two different ways

Hold your guitar pick in two different ways

Before learning how to play a guitar your going to want to know how to hold your guitar pick. First there is the one finger hold, this looks like you're making a fist. You don't want to make a hard fist but a loose one, not a of strain should be put on the hand. Move your thumb down a little and your first finger too so that it looks like a ribbon or a bow. You have to line up the edge of the pick with the edge of your index finger. Once that is done adopt the hold defined above to complete it. For the two finger hold, make another fist and then open just your index and middle finger. You'll see the middle finger is a little longer, so just bend it a little to match the index finger. Now place the pick in such a way that one the edges of the pick is directly in the middle of these two fingers. Now place your thumb over it so that all three fingers align while the pick sticks its head out.

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